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How many processes are there for the logo on the wooden packing box?


Wooden box belongs to high-grade packaging. A good product cannot beautify the product without an atmospheric packaging. As the saying goes: people rely on clothes and horses rely on saddles. Whether a product can be accepted by consumers or not, packaging accounts for a great factor. Although wooden box packaging is important, what is more important is the logo treatment process on wooden box. Next, I will accept several logo processes commonly used on wooden boxes.

1: Screen printing

Silk screen printing technology is to use ink to print on wooden boxes through screen printing. Silk screen printing technology is characterized by beauty and can print a variety of colors;

2: Carving process

The engraving process is to carve the logo on the wooden box by laser. The cost of engraving the logo is relatively high, and the grade is also relatively high;

3: Brand

The logo is machined on the copper plate, the copper plate is heated, and the heated copper plate is pressed on the wooden box through air pressure, so that the logo is branded on it.

Summary: the above three processes are the most common wooden box logo processes, and the most affordable is the silk screen printing process. The branding process requires processing a branded copper plate, which is more expensive; The cost of engraving process is also relatively high, because the price of a laser engraving machine is about 100000 yuan.