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Introduction of wooden wine box manufacturers in Cao county and future packaging development directi


Packaging is an indispensable process for each commodity. For high-grade commodities, select high-grade packaging boxes, and for affordable commodities, select low-cost and high-grade packaging boxes. Red wine packaging is no exception. There are about three kinds of red wine packaging, one wooden box packaging, two carton packaging and three leather box packaging. Cartons are not safe to transport. Leather boxes cost a lot. Let's talk about wooden boxes. Wooden box packaging will first give customers a feeling of returning to nature, and there is no need to worry about smashing the wine when transporting, and even the cost is not high. Speaking of wooden wine boxes, we must mention the wooden wine box processing base --- Cao county. Cao county belongs to Heze City, Shandong Province, bordering the four provinces of Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, and the traffic is very prosperous. Wine boxes are the pillar industry of Cao county. Seven or eight of the ten wine boxes circulating in the market are from Cao county. It has an advantageous geographical location and is the largest timber base in China. It has the reputation of "hometown of Tongmu", "hometown of Poplar" and "hometown of willow weaving".

Why can the wooden wine box in Cao county become the pillar industry of the whole county? First, the material based forestry industry, especially [1] wood processing industry, is a capital bound occupation. Whoever has capital has the initiative in market competition. The change of commodity quotation largely depends on the quotation of commodity materials. China is a country with a relative lack of per capita capital. The first question our large wood processing companies face is to deal with the question of material and build their own material forest base. According to the request of the state, the company's construction of material forest base should be able to meet one-third of its own material demand. The second is the planning of production. The planning benefit of wood processing industry is remarkable. The company raises funds to build production according to the planning. If it reaches the planning, it can deal with the company's congenital deficiency.

The third is to manage modernization, which is common with the process of all industrialization levels, that is, to use information technology to improve the industrial level of the company. Fourth, the operation of international companies should focus on two kinds of capital and two municipal wooden box farms. The state recently proposed to enter a new period. The so-called new period is a period in which people are invited to come in and go out. Wood processing is a profession with large capital demand. If we want to deal with the lack of doubt about China's timber capital, we need companies to focus not only on the cultivation of domestic capital and improve the utilization rate of domestic capital, but also on international capital. Nowadays, the international voice of paying attention to environment and ecology is becoming more and more intense. How to coordinate these elements at home and abroad and make rational use of the two kinds of capital is also a realistic question in front of our company.

The following are the reasons for the rapid development of Caoxian wooden box packaging factory summarized by Caoxian Ziyu Crafts Co., Ltd.:

1: Increased market demand

2: Industry development

3: Support from local government

4: The diligence of the local people

5: Continuous development of new products, innovation is the main reason for enduring

6: E-commerce development

Conclusion: market demand is the main reason for the rapid development of Caoxian wooden box packaging industry. Only when there is demand in the market can there be orders. When there are more orders, the business of wooden box factory is booming.