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China Caoxian Ziyu Handicraft Co., Ltd. is located in Caoxian County, Heze City, Shandong Province. According to different needs of customers, the company can customize and produce various personalized products, various wooden packing boxes, wooden wine boxes, red wine wooden boxes, red wine packing boxes, tea wooden boxes, etc. it can also be processed and produced according to customer design requirements and samples, using laser engraving, screen printing, branding Mark you on the product by means of bronzing. The main raw materials are Tung, poplar, pine, basswood, birch, MDF, multilayer plywood, etc. It is mainly engaged in the wholesale, retail and sample processing and production of wood and leather red wine, wine packaging boxes, wine racks and wine barrels. Wine bottles with special specifications need to be specially customized. We can provide professional customized services. You can provide the ideas, designs, drawings and printed logos you want. We can professionally produce what you want. Based on the principle of serving the business and transferring profits to the business, the company strictly controls various production processes and operation costs, and serves customers and bases itself on the market with high-quality product quality, fast production cycle and low market price as far as possible. The company welcomes new and old customers and people from all walks of life to inquire, negotiate and order. We will provide you with high-quality service to meet your needs. Adhering to the business philosophy of "customer first and forge ahead", the company adheres to the principle of "customer first" to provide our customers with high-quality services. Welcome!